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Dr. Patricia Griffin

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Education Reform
Finland's Innovations
International Online Learning Organizations

Learning Anywhere
The Power of Grades
21st Century Teacher
21st Century Leadership and Education
Connected Learning
Three Knowledge Domains for the 21st Century Learner

21st Century Learning

Design Thinking
25 Things Successful Teachers Do Differently
Time for These Seven EDU Funerals
Building the Modern Classroom

21st Century Rubric 
Professional Development  
Alfie Kohn’s Effects of Technology  
How the Culture of Achievement is Hurting Our Schools 
Video on 100 people on Earth

Student Engagement  
Assessment Ideas 
Instructional Methods 
Flipping Bloom’s Taxonomy  
Burn your podium and other hacks.  
UDL Friendly Classroom  
National Center for UDL 
Inquiry-based Classroom  
Genius Hour  
Helping Students Find Purpose 
Five Emerging Trends in Project-based Learning 
Digital Skills by World Economic Forum 
Growth Mindset 
False Growth Mindset 
Three Teachers Collaborate on a School Business 
Critical Thinking Workbook  
Critical Thinking Skills 
Hattie's 10 Mind Frames 

Continuum of Choice

15 Actions of People Who Practice Mindfulness  
The Zen Teacher 
18 Things Mentally Strong People Do 

Teaching Metacognition 
Resources for a Growth Mindset 
Essential Features of Effective Networks  

Social Emotional Learning Classroom Support  
Responsive Classroom Learning and PBIS 
Responsive Classroom Parent Information 
Digital Badges with Google Docs 
Combat Learned Helplessness  

Guide Your Students to Positive Growth 
Five Ways to Help Students with Trauma 
After School Academies 

Traditional vs. Entrepreneurial Schools 
12 Pillars of Global Innovation  
12 pillars of competitiveness: institutions; infrastructure; macroeconomic environment; health and primary education; higher education and training; goods market efficiency; labour market efficiency; financial market development; technological readiness; market size; business sophistication; and innovation. 

Global Forum and STEM Education 
Chicago STEM Study 
A Study of Inclusive STEM High Schools 

Global Goals

STEM Integration

Youth Learn Resources  
Neighborhood Curriculum  
Inquiry-based Questions